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Kinetic Art is an artistic movement that emerged after World War II, revolutionizing the traditional concept of art by introducing movement as an essential element. This innovative approach changed the way viewers interact with artworks, making them dynamic and engaging.

Kinetic Art is Art that Moves


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Types of Kinetic Art

Kinetic Art is based on the integration of movement into artworks, creating a dynamic interaction with the viewer. The pieces can move physically through the use of motors, natural forces like wind or water, or they can give the illusion of movement through optical effects. This movement can be programmed to follow precise patterns or left to chance, making each interaction unique and unrepeatable. The goal is to actively engage the viewer, making them a participant in a visual experience that changes over time and space. This type of art is never static; it continuously evolves, offering new perspectives and sensations. A quintessential example of this approach is the work of Jean Tinguely, whose machine-sculptures move in unpredictable and fascinating ways, often destroying themselves in the process to create a unique performance. However, it is Bruno Munari who is universally recognized as one of the forerunners of kinetic Art: an artist, designer, and writer from Milan, Munari is considered a pioneer of the movement thanks to his famous "Macchine Inutili" ("Useless Machines") dating back to 1933, devices that are not efficient as they produce nothing, but interact with the viewer and with time.

Kinetic Wall Art

One type of kinetic Art is represented by Kinetic Wall Decorations. These works are designed to be hung on walls and often use light, color, and shape effects to create the illusion of movement. They can consist of moving elements that react to air currents or electric motors, generating a dynamic effect that captures attention. Kinetic Wall Decorations transform static surfaces into living pictures that interact with their surroundings and the observers. Artists like Jesús Rafael Soto have developed works that use suspended wires and rods to create optical vibrations and illusory movements, transforming simple walls into dynamic surfaces that change depending on the viewer's perspective. Other artists, like Sandro Tomassini, have created Kinetic Paintings that can change color and size according to the viewer's mood: such is the case with the work "Umore Variabile" ("Variable Mood"), which can be set to cool and dark tones when we are sad or depressed, while expanding its dimensions reveals warm and comforting colors, reflecting the viewer's good mood.

Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic Sculptures are equally significant in the realm of Kinetic Art. These three-dimensional works often incorporate mechanical or motorized components to generate fluid and complex movements. Kinetic Sculptures not only decorate the space but transform it, engaging the viewer in an interactive and dynamic experience. Alexander Calder, with his famous "Mobiles," created suspended sculptures that move gently with the wind, offering a slow and continuous ballet that captivates and enchants the eye. Calder skillfully combined balance and movement in surprising ways, transforming simple materials into poetic and lightweight works.

In contrast, Sandro Tomassini's Kinetic Sculptures are characterized by precise and measured movements, capable of establishing a harmonious and intimate interaction with the natural environment. In the work "Problem Solving," for example, the individual's skills are crucial to finding the "way out" of the maze, a metaphor for how, often in life, we are the only ones who can help ourselves out of complex situations. These works not only demonstrate the technical ingenuity of the artists but also their ability to create profound connections between art and nature.

Kinetic Art for Sale

On Tomassini Arredamenti website, you can purchase Kinetic Art Pieces, including both Wall Decorations and Kinetic Sculptures. The works featured on the site are created by Sandro Tomassini, an artist from Terni, who has innovatively combined aesthetics and movement in his creations. Sandro Tomassini has developed a series of works ranging from Wall Decorations to three-dimensional sculptures, using high-quality materials and advanced technologies to ensure fluid and durable movements.

Come visit our Showroom! At Tomassini Arredamenti, you can get more information about the available works, view the Prices, and better understand the creative process behind each creation. Purchasing a Kinetic Art Piece means bringing a unique item into your home or office, capable of transforming the environment and offering an ever-changing and stimulating visual experience. Rely on our 100% free Interior Design Service, and take advantage of a personalized consultation to choose the piece that best suits your preferences and the Design of your spaces. Sandro Tomassini's works represent excellence in the field of Kinetic Art, offering pieces that uniquely combine beauty, movement, and innovation.

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