Giorgetti Outdoor Furniture

The story of Giorgetti, deeply rooted in the heart of Brianza, unfolds through a century-old journey, bearing witness to a legacy of cabinet-making expertise that is constantly renewed in the spirit of innovation. This prestigious brand stands out for its ability to integrate high quality with innovative elements, a combination that defines the very essence of its uniqueness in the design landscape. Giorgetti's ability to blend tradition and modernity, while preserving the integrity of its rich artisanal heritage, makes it an unparalleled reference point in the luxury furniture sector, whether for indoor or outdoor settings.

Giorgetti Outdoor Collection

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Design Open Air by Giorgetti

The traditional refinement once exclusively attributed to indoor spaces, marked by an intricate attention to detail, thoughtful shape design, and the incorporation of exquisite materials, is now gracefully extended to outdoor settings. Outdoor areas are thus transformed into authentic exterior lounges, delivering an elegance and comfort experience that's rarely matched. The collection boasts sofas, loungers, seating of varied designs, tables and side tables, along with an extensive range of accessories for exteriors, gardens, poolside areas, and terraces. These pieces are crafted to seamlessly integrate with the outdoor ambiance, injecting a layer of luxury and convenience. Giorgetti's collection epitomizes the perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality, elevating every outdoor moment into a memorable experience.

Giorgetti Outdoor Tables

Within the Giorgetti outdoor collection, outdoor tables play a pivotal role, embodying the elegance and refined simplicity that are hallmarks of modern design. Among these, we can highlight the Aldìa Outdoor Table and the Aldìa Outdoor Coffee Table, designed by the renowned Carlo Colombo and featuring tops available in either palladiana or marble powder granulate versions. The Gea Outdoor Table, crafted by Chi Wing Lo, is defined by its geometric precision and minimalism, while the Apsara Outdoor Coffee Table by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba showcases essential and versatile lines, allowing it to blend seamlessly into variously styled environments and to complement other furniture pieces. Lastly, the Break Outdoor Table stands out as an original piece with a striking visual impact.

Giorgetti Outdoor Seating System

Within Giorgetti's outdoor collection stands a meticulous selection of seating options, enabling the optimal enjoyment of pleasant moments in the open air. Among the outdoor sofas, we find the Aldìa Outdoor Sofa, with its laminated wood structure, the Gea Outdoor Sofa, noted for its softness and harmony, and the Apsara Outdoor Sofa, whose modularity allows for easy adaptation to any space. As for outdoor armchairs, the collection highlights include the Aldìa Outdoor Small Armchair, the Loop Outdoor Small Armchair, a furniture piece where the geometry of shapes is softened by curved lines that provide harmony and balance, and the Gea Outdoor Chair.

Giorgetti Outdoor Furniture prices

We invite you to explore the numerous configurations available for Giorgetti's outdoor sofas by directly contacting our team of expert Interior Designers. The prices for Giorgetti outdoor sofas vary significantly based on the chosen model and coverings, with a range from approximately € 11,500 to over € 20,000. For a tailored experience, visit our exclusive showroom, where you'll find highly qualified staff ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution that meets your needs. Giorgetti stands out for its vast array of products and configurations offered, ensuring that every client finds the ideal solution for their requirements and achieves maximum satisfaction.

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