Children's bedrooms

The bedroom is the room in the house where children spend most of their time playing, studying and sleeping. Bedroom furniture must therefore be suitable for all the activities of young children and must be able to create a cheerful, stimulating and serene environment. It is also important that children's bedroom furniture be made of high quality materials and ensure total safety.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

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Italian Toddler & Kids Bedroom Furniture

Children's bedrooms - The best brands

Top brand designer Kids Bedroom Furniture

Tomassini Arredamenti offers functional, innovative and original solutions for children's bedrooms, able to meet the most diverse aesthetic and space requirements. We followed projects in Hong Kong, Miami, New York, Singapore, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and through our Worldwide Delivery service we successfully delivered our products to Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Switzerland, as well as UAE. Find out our projects and let you inspire to create a functional and attractive children's bedroom and contact our designers for a consulting through our Interior Design Service.

Tomassini Arredamenti offers beds, closets, bookcases and desks produced by the most prestigious Made in Italy furniture brands, in a wide range of quality materials, colors and finishes, with solutions designed for every need and adaptable to any space. Children's wardrobes are fundamental in children's rooms to keep everything in order, from clothes to toys and the choice includes linear, corner, fixed or modular wardrobes, with sliding or hinged doors. The closet can then be combined with other children furniture, such as bookcases, storage units, drawer units and other accessories. The quality of rest is fundamental in growing up, so it is important to choose a bed that guarantees comfort and safety; Tomassini Arredamenti offers single beds and sofa beds, loft beds, bunk beds, sliding beds and storage beds to meet all space and functionality needs. For toddlers, the proposal instead leans toward cot and cot beds, guaranteeing maximum safety and high comfort. With the school, the bedroom becomes the place where kids do their homework, so it is important to choose a desk of excellent quality, designed specifically for the needs of children, which guarantees excellent strength and durability. Tomassini Arredamenti offers also a selection of children chairs and armchairs of high quality, solid, durable and safe, with a cheerful and fun design.

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