Paola Lenti Outdoor Furniture

The furniture, both for indoor and outdoor spaces, offered by Paola Lenti is characterized by chromatic originality and an in-depth exploration of the materials used. Since its debut in the market in 1994, this Italian company has set itself the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the very concept of design through the use of innovative materials capable of enhancing both the quality and performance of the furnishings. Inspiration often stems from unusual contexts, such as boat trips, which gave rise to the Rope yarn, an outdoor fabric that combines indestructibility with unparalleled elegance. In addition to this, the company has recently introduced Twiggy, a washable and durable material, available in a wide range of rugs and coverings, perfect for meeting every aesthetic and functional need.

Paola Lenti Outdoor Collection

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Eco-sustainability and colour: the outdoor by Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti's design is distinguished by its refined simplicity and functionality, creating harmonious and enduring domestic landscapes. Essential forms blend with a wide range of vibrant colors, offering a unique visual experience. The outdoor furniture collections feature high-tech materials and high-quality craftsmanship, ensuring resilience and longevity. With an eco-friendly footprint, each piece from the Paola Lenti brand is designed to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment, bringing a touch of elegance and style to every outdoor space.

The outdoor collection by Paola Lenti is the result of a collaboration between the Lombard brand and internationally renowned designers such as Gabriele - Oscar Buratti, Vincent Van Duysen, and Marella Ferrera. From the designs of these designers emerge some of the maison's most iconic outdoor tables, such as the Sciara Outdoor Table and the Sciara Outdoor Coffee Table, characterized by an elegant and contemporary design, where color plays a prominent role. The Gon Outdoor Table is the ideal option for those seeking elegant and durable outdoor furniture, while the Portofino Outdoor Table is perfect for lovers of sophisticated design and practical functionality. Lastly, the Giro Outdoor Coffee Table, conceived by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti, is an excellent addition to enrich outdoor spaces, completing open-air living environments with a timeless touch of style.

Paola Lenti is also renowned for its diverse range of outdoor loungers, which represent the perfect solution, especially in summer, for enjoying well-deserved rest in the sun without compromising on style and color. Among these, we cannot fail to mention the Surf Outdoor Sunbed, with its iconic and bold curves.

Paola Lenti Outdoor Sofas

Moving on to outdoor sofas, the collaboration between the brand Paola Lenti and designer Francesco Rota also gave rise to the Ami collection, which includes the Ami Outdoor Sofa. A distinctive feature of the Ami Outdoor Sofa is the intertwining of its structure, made of stainless steel: this weave is handcrafted using high-quality materials that not only give the sofa an elegant and refined look but also provide resistance to weather conditions and good durability over time. Also noteworthy is the Canvas Outdoor Sofa, with its lightweight and dynamic design that fits perfectly into a variety of environments, from the patio to the garden and even poolside, while the Float Outdoor Sofa combines elegance and comfort Last but not least is the Kabà Outdoor Sofa designed by Elia Nedkov, which offers a flexible solution to adapt to the needs of any space.

Paola Lenti Outdoor Chairs

One of the strengths of Paola Lenti's outdoor collection undoubtedly lies in its outdoor chairs: colorful, sturdy, comfortable, and fashionable, they are the undisputed protagonists of every garden. The Ami Outdoor Chair, for example, is a design masterpiece that combines elegance, comfort, and durability, while the Amable Outdoor Chair, despite being intended for outdoor use, can also be used indoors due to its refined aesthetics and versatility, making it suitable for a variety of settings, both outdoor and indoor. Lastly, the Portofino Outdoor Chair is characterized by clean and geometric lines, making it suitable for multiple outdoor situations.

Not only chairs, but also outdoor armchairs are featured in Paola Lenti's outdoor collection: among these, the Smile Outdoor Armchair, the Shito Outdoor Armchair, and the Orbitry Armchair stand out for their beauty and sophistication. These armchairs perfectly combine elegance and comfort, furnishing every outdoor space with class.

Paola Lenti Outdoor Furniture prices

Paola Lenti is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet every need, even the most intricate ones. The cost of a Paola Lenti outdoor sofa varies significantly depending on the model, configurations, and chosen upholstery, starting from approximately € 6,500 and exceeding € 12,000. If you would like further details regarding prices and available options, we recommend contacting our team of Interior Designers or visiting our exclusive showroom: our highly qualified staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable option for your needs.

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