Baxter Outdoor Furniture

Baxter, renowned for its indoor furniture, also offers an outdoor collection designed to withstand the elements with durable materials. This Italian company, founded in Como in 1990, merges traditional craftsmanship with innovative design, providing elegant outdoor furnishings that maintain the quality standard and distinctive style of Baxter.

Baxter Outdoor Collection

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Baxter Italy Outdoor Collection

Baxter's outdoor collections are more than just lines of furniture: they are a tribute to the elegance and innovation that characterize Italian design. These refined pieces, designed to enhance any outdoor space, result from a careful selection of durable materials and a creative process that focuses on emotion and sensory experience. Through the skilled combination of shapes, materials, and finishes, each piece tells a story of beauty and functionality, becoming a tangible expression of high Italian craftsmanship. Guided by the vision of Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, the company celebrates the culture of Italian manufacturing, where each piece of furniture is conceived as a symbol of elegance and a reflection of family traditions, showcasing the perfect balance that only true Made in Italy can offer.

Baxter's new Outdoor Line

Baxter's outdoor offerings include a wide selection of outdoor tables, among which we can name the Bao Outdoor Coffee Table by Roberto Lazzeroni, entirely made of gray terracotta, the Gibellina Nuda Coffee Table by Antonino Sciortino, featuring an original open structure made of black matte painted metal rod, and the Keramikè Outdoor Coffee Table, constructed entirely in glossy ceramic giving it an extraordinary appearance. Also noteworthy are the Nairobi Outdoor Table and the Nairobi Outdoor Coffee Table, characterized by a minimal design that features two wooden panels supporting the top. Lastly, the Pilar Coffee Table is made of anthracite or sand concrete aggregate and fits perfectly in any setting.

With the arrival of the warm season, what could be better than relaxing in the sun, lying on comfortable outdoor loungers? Baxter answers this question by including in its outdoor range the Himba Outdoor Sunbed, which stands out for its simplicity and elegance, and the Tia Sunbed, featuring a seat cushion made of single-density expanded polyurethane, to ensure maximum comfort even outdoors.

Among the outdoor accessories, the Narciso Suspension Lamp, designed by Nicola Gallizia, stands out. In this design, the light from the larger section reflects onto the smaller section, echoing the classic myth of Narcissus.

Baxter Outdoor Gallery Milan

Baxter is also known for its extensive range of outdoor armchairs, including the Dharma Outdoor Small Armchair, which revives the design of the 70s with its polished lacquered polymex structure, the Ginestra Armchair, the Hakuna Matata Outdoor Small Armchair with its simple and harmonious curves, the Himba Outdoor Small Armchair that manages to give the outdoor environment a welcoming and relaxed look, and the Leggia Outdoor Small Armhair. Equally important are the Narciso Outdoor Armchair and the Pedro Outdoor Armchair, which, with their round and welcoming shape, are perfect for furnishing any outdoor space with style.

Regarding outdoor sofas, the most iconic are undoubtedly the Panama Bold Outdoor Sofa, whose design is reminiscent of an island, conveying a great sense of security, and the Narciso Outdoor Sofa, with its soft and comfortable appearance; the Girgenti Outdoor Sofa, finally, is the perfect result of the meeting between two types of craftsmanship: the workmanship of iron and that of leather.

Last but not least are the outdoor chairs offered by the Lombard brand: among these, the Tia Outdoor Chair, the Linfa Outdoor Chair, and the Linfa Outdoor Stool stand out, capable of adding character to any outdoor setting, the Himba Outdoor Chair with its sweet ethnic charm, and also the Himba Outdoor Pouf.

Baxter Outdoor Furniture prices

To find the ideal solution that meets your needs, we invite you to contact our team of Interior Designers directly. Baxter offers a wide range of configurations for its outdoor products, with prices that can vary significantly depending on the selected model, and for a sofa, they can start from about € 4,000 to exceed € 12,000. Additionally, we await you in our exclusive showroom, where our highly trained staff will be pleased to guide you in the optimal choice for your needs. Baxter offers a vast assortment of products and customizable options, capable of meeting the most diverse needs, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction for every customer.

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