Grande Soffice Sofa
Grande Soffice Sofa
Grande Soffice Sofa
Grande Soffice Sofa
Grande Soffice Sofa
Grande Soffice Sofa
Grande Soffice Sofa
Grande Soffice Sofa Edra - 8
Grande Soffice Sofa Edra - 9

Grande Soffice Sofa Edra


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The Grande Soffice sofa by Edra, created by the talented Italian designer Francesco Binfarè, embodies a perfect fusion of essential design with clean and elegant lines and an unparalleled level of comfort.
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Grande Soffice Sofa by FRANCESCO BINFARÉ

Francesco Binfarè, the brilliant designer behind this masterpiece, describes the Grande Soffice sofa as a sculpture that enters your home like a monument, an obelisk, or a cathedral immersing itself in the urban space. It is a form of architecture itself, a primal and sophisticated den that exudes a sense of grandeur and refinement. Its imposing presence has the ability to radically transform the appearance of any space, creating a captivating focal point that will not go unnoticed. One of the aspects that make the Grande Soffice sofa unique is its incredible versatility. Its simple and clean design allows it to effortlessly adapt to any context, from the most traditional to the most modern, from minimalism to lavish elegance. Regardless of the style of your space, the Grande Soffice sofa will harmoniously blend in with the surrounding atmosphere, adding a timeless touch of class.

The details of the Grande Soffice sofa evoke classic elegance with clean lines and soft curves. This extraordinary simplicity translates into an architectural marvel that enhances any setting, leaving a strong impression with its imposing dimensions, and offering an unparalleled sense of well-being through the use of technological and natural materials. The skillful use of materials such as Gellyfoam and goose feathers, combined with the adjustable backrest, ensures an unrivaled relaxation experience. This remarkable sofa features a technically removable fabric covering and ABS printed feet. Its modularity provides endless customization possibilities, as different elements can be combined to create unique compositions tailored to your specific needs.

One of the distinctive features of the Grande Soffice Sofa is its ability to harmoniously blend with other Edra sofas and Edra armchairs. The Italian brand offers a wide range of unique and innovative pieces that can be combined to create sophisticated and personalized ensembles.

The Edra Grande Soffice Sectional Sofa has the following dimensions and configuration

The Grande Soffice sofa is available in the linear version:
2 Seater sofa: inch 98 1/2" in wide, 38" 3/4 in deep, 34 1/4" in high (cm.250x98x86h)
3 Seater sofa: inch 142 in wide, 3/4 in deep, 34 1/4" in high (cm. 360x98x86h)
This sectional sofa offers the flexibility of both linear and angular configurations, allowing for a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit various spaces. Additionally, deeper pieces and poufs are included to enhance versatility and cater to different seating preferences.

Are you looking for the configurator? → Contact us to customize your sofa

Grande Soffice Couch has a variety of features

Removable cover: The sofa offers the possibility of technical removable upholstery, allowing customization according to individual needs while following the product fabric matching rules.

Mobility: the standout feature of the Standard sofa, allows for effortless adjustment of back and armrest cushions with a simple hand movement, enhancing comfort and offering versatile seating options.

Technology and Comfort: The Smart cushion is state-of-the-art, hiding its secrets inside to provide instant comfort with a simple touch. Made of special materials, it adapts easily to your needs thanks to its adjustable joints. Tested to withstand the years, it combines functionality and technology for unparalleled comfort. Edra's Gellyfoam® is a technological exclusive that offers maximum comfort, thanks to its special foam that combines softness and support in a unique way, guaranteeing absolute relax. Antislide feet in molded ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a common thermoplastic known for its strength and impact resistance, making it suitable for structural components such as couch feet.

Edra Grande Soffice Sofa price

The price of the Grande Soffice sofa by Edra starts from about € 13,000, but it depends on the size and covering chosen. Tomassini Arredamenti provides prices only for projects developed by our Interior Design Team.

Contact us for a customized price: → Request a customized quote


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Edra is an Italian luxury furniture company that produces innovative and sophisticated sofas, armchairs, chairs, and other furniture. Founded in 1987 by Valerio and Eliana Mazzei, Edra has been driven by a passion for art and beauty , which is reflected in their high-quality products.

Discover the Brand and all its products >
50 years of experience in Made in Italy furniture


50 years of experience in Made in Italy furniture

More than 150 Top Brands distributed


More than 150 Top Brands distributed

Shipping to more than 40 countries around the world


Shipping to more than 40 countries around the world

Free design service


Free design service

100% guaranteed WORLDWIDE delivery


100% guaranteed WORLDWIDE delivery

Custom furniture joinery


Custom furniture joinery

Ask for a free project

100% Free Interior Design Service

Architects and Interior Designers available to design and customize your spaces.

More than 2500 square meters of showroom on 2 floors


More than 2500 square meters of showroom on 2 floors

After Sales Assistance


After Sales Assistance

100% original products


100% original products

safe customized packaging


safe customized packaging


We pack each product with the utmost care

We guarantee your shipment to the maximum by carrying out a quality control on the outgoing goods and using an all-risk policy for damage coverage. We also create highly resistant wooden packaging for international shipments, so as to make your delivery 100% safe.

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Grande Soffice Sofa


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