MDF Italia Outdoor Furniture

MDF Italia offers an outdoor line that embodies the contemporary style and distinctive elegance of Italian design; although its range may be more focused compared to other brands, each piece - whether sofas, armchairs, tables, or chairs - is characterized by its essential refinement and visual impact. Clean, modern lines define MDF Italia's outdoor furniture, giving them a distinctive and original aesthetic. Through the skillful use of innovative and traditional materials, these furnishings combine strength and durability with extraordinary design. The Lombard brand, therefore, doesn't simply offer furniture for outdoor spaces, but authentic works of art that transform every outdoor environment into a scene of contemporaneity and Italian style.

MDF Italia Outdoor Collection

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MDF Italia Outdoor Furniture - Discover More!

Designer Furniture for Outdoor Spaces by MDF Italia

MDF Italia embodies a contemporary, essential, and elegant style that blends with remarkable comfort thanks to its technological core. Its line of modern outdoor furniture represents not only an excellent expression of Italian design but also the technological pinnacle of Made in Italy in the sector, ensuring truly high-quality standards. Its products are the result of close collaboration between designers, architects, and the company's project center, anticipating trends and lifestyles. Characterized by a strong identity and simplification of forms, MDF Italia's outdoor furnishings combine aesthetics and functionality with a wide selection of materials, allowing them to meet the needs of a variety of contexts, from domestic living to the collective sphere, with particular application in hospitality, residential, and corporate offices.

The outdoor collection by MDF Italia is the result of a synergy between the brand and important internationally renowned designers, among which we can mention Xavier Lust, Jean-Marie Massaud, and Piergiorgio-Michele Cazzaniga. From the ideas of these designers, some of MDF's most famous outdoor tables are born, such as the Tense Outdoor Table, characterized by a minimal and simple design, almost elementary, focused on making the table weather-resistant. Also noteworthy is the Fossil Outdoor Coffee Table, with its simple and gentle lines that allow it to harmoniously blend with any style of decor. Lastly, the Rock Table Maxi Outdoor Table is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, making every outdoor space in which it is placed elegant and sophisticated.

MDF Italia Outdoor Couches & Armchairs

MDF's outdoor collection features only two outdoor sofas. Starting with the best-selling Arpa Outdoor Sofa, designed by the renowned designer Ramon Esteve, we can see how this sofa is a design masterpiece inspired by the harp, combining elegance, comfort, and functionality. Unlike the complex craftsmanship required to create a harp, the design of the Arpa collection is based on a rigorous exercise of synthesis, aiming to resolve each piece with the fewest possible elements. On the other hand, the Cosy Outdoor Sofa, born from the creative mind of Francesco Rota, is characterized by its modularity, making it extremely adaptable to the environment and flexible not only in terms of configurations but also in terms of usage.

Regarding outdoor armchairs, among the most iconic ones, you can find the Neil Twist Outdoor Armchair, a product capable of capturing attention, thanks to its intriguing yet essential design typical of MDF Italia. The Neil Twist armchair is suitable for use in many outdoor environments, from private settings to hotels and public places.

Outdoor Chairs by MDF Italia

A standout feature of MDF Italia's outdoor offering is undoubtedly the outdoor chairs, true masterpieces of minimalist and modern design. The Neil Twist Outdoor Chair is characterized by a woven rope seat, steel structure, and the possibility of armrests, while the Flow Filo Outdoor Chair, obtained through the welding of thin steel wires, boasts a strongly artisanal character while maintaining the typical style of the finest design products. The Flow Iroko Outdoor Chair, on the other hand, takes its name from the prestigious wood that shapes the sturdy 360° swivel base, and can therefore boast a truly unique and distinctive design, rarely seen in an outdoor chair. MDF also pays attention to the little ones, ensuring they can enjoy outdoor time on vibrant and colorful chairs: the Sign Baby Chair is indeed suitable for a very young audience, from 3 to 10 years old, and features a polyethylene structure, requiring minimal maintenance.

MDF Italia Outdoor Furniture Prices

MDF Italia is committed to providing tailor-made solutions to meet every customer's needs. The cost of an MDF Italia outdoor sofa can vary significantly depending on the model, configurations, and desired upholstery, with prices starting from approximately € 3,800 and reaching up to € 9,000. If you would like further details on prices and available options, we suggest contacting our team of Interior Design experts or visiting our exclusive showroom: our highly qualified staff will be ready to assist you in choosing the models and variants best suited to your home.

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