Meridiani Outdoor Furniture

Founded in 1996 in Misinto by Renato Crosti, with the shared vision of his wife Laura Ferraro Crosti and designer Andrea Parisio, Meridiani stands out for its high-quality production in the realm of upholstered furnishings and beds. Internationally recognized also for its elegantly designed outdoor products and a vast and exquisite textile selection, it also offers an exclusive outdoor collection, affirming its commitment to quality and timeless elegance.

Meridiani Outdoor Collection

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Open Air by Meridiani

Beyond the confines of the home unfolds the open-air universe, where Meridiani's outdoor collection takes center stage. These furnishings are designed not only to provide a peaceful haven that meets the need for escape and privacy from everyday life but also to host social gatherings in perfect harmony with the indoor environment. The range includes sun loungers, armchairs, and outdoor tables, crafted for outdoor use, blending aesthetics and functionality. The lines and sizes are thoughtfully considered to ensure both a visual impact of rare beauty and uncompromising practicality.

Meridiani Outdoor Sofas

As in any outdoor collection worth its salt, outdoor sofas play a fundamental role in the select but carefully curated Open Air range of the Brianza-based brand. Among these, we can mention the Claud Open Air Outdoor Sofa, characterized by a simple and elegant design and spacious and comfortable seating, ideal for relaxing in a garden, on a patio, or a terrace. The Zoe Open Air Sofa, designed by Andrea Parisio, is both elegant and straightforward, while the Vincent Open Air Sofa, with its simple and essential aesthetics and high comfort, outlines the typical intimacy of an indoor environment even outdoors.

Regarding outdoor tables, the most iconic include the Bongo Open Air Table, the Cone Open Air Table with its cone-shaped base, the Fabien Open Air Table which ensures excellent outdoor performance and delivers a refined aesthetic image, and finally, the Joi Open Air Table, perfect for a contemporary and urban setting.

Meridiani Outdoor Chairs & Armchairs

Moving on to outdoor chairs and outdoor armchairs, Meridiani offers the Claud Open Air Outdoor Armchair, a perfect blend of elegance and comfort, as well as the Tai Open Air Chair, which represents a sophisticated yet simple piece of furniture. The Zoe Open Air Armchair is among the most appreciated by the international audience, and there is also the Zoe Wood Open Air Armchair, featuring the addition of an iroko wood armrest detail.

For those who love relaxing in the sun, in a beautiful garden in front of a pool, Meridiani also offers two models of outdoor loungers: the Claud Open Air Outdoor Sunbed, characterized by high-quality materials and soft cushions, and the Noa Open Air Sunbed, with a simple design inspired by outdoor cots.

Meridiani Outdoor Furniture prices

Looking for the perfect solution for you? Contact our team of Interior Designers directly! Meridiani offers a wide selection of configurations for its outdoor furnishings, with prices varying depending on the model chosen, which for a sofa can range from about € 4,000 to over € 10,000. Moreover, we invite you to visit our exclusive showroom, where our qualified staff is ready to assist you in identifying the best option for you. Meridiani showcases a rich array of products and customizable solutions, designed to meet a variety of preferences and needs, ensuring maximum satisfaction for every customer.

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