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The B&B Italia Sofas are icons of style and quality in the Made in Italy design sector. Born in the 1960s, thiese sofas was conceived to meet the comfort and functionality needs of a society in evolution. Today, these couches represents a high-level choice for furnishing the contemporary living room.

B&B Italia Couches & Sofas

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B&B Italia Sofas: Where Design Meets Comfort

Modularity is one of the distinctive features of the B&B Italia sofa. Thanks to the possibility of customizing the elements, it is possible to create solutions suitable for any setting. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious living room, the modular design of a sofa allows you to tailor the configuration to your specific needs. With the wide range of modules available, you can effortlessly mix and match different components such as seat cushions, backrests, armrests, and ottomans to create a sofa that perfectly fits your space and desired aesthetic.

Contemporary and Designer Sofas by B&B Italia

The Tufty-Time sofa or the Bend sofa, both designed by Patricia Urquiola, are not only characterized by a modern and eye-catching design but also by extreme versatility: they are perfectly suited to be positioned even in the center of the room or as a separation element between the living area and the sleeping area.

Another example of modularity is represented by the Camaleonda upholstery system, an icon of Italian design from the 1970s, and revisited in 2020. Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini consists of upholstered square modules, which are connected to each other through a system of straps and rings, allowing for a wide range of configurations. The Camaleonda is a piece of design that continues to inspire designers and furniture enthusiasts around the world.

Iconic B&B Italia Sofas

Comfort is another fundamental aspect of B&B Italia Sofas. The high-quality materials used for the structure and upholstery ensure optimal comfort. Following this guiding principle, Mario Bellini created the Le Bambole collection: Le Bambole Sofa is enriched on its fiftieth anniversary with the addition of the two-seater Bibambola Sofa and the three-seater option called Granbambola Sofa.

Among the most appreciated sofas, the Charles sofa and the Ray sofa stand out as exquisite choices that embody both elegance and comfort. Made in Italy is another important feature: the production takes place entirely in Italy, using advanced technologies and highly skilled labor.

B&B Italia Sofas price

The sofa price and value reflects the exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials, and timeless design that the brand is renowned for. The value of this kind of couch bring to your living space is undeniable and guarantees you a piece of furniture that exudes sophistication and durability, creating a focal point in your home that will be cherished for years to come.

The price list gives you the possibility to check the wide range of models, sizes, upholstery selection, and additional customization options. The prices of a sofas vary according to the model, size and upholstery chosen and range from € 6,000 to over € 15,000.

For details on pricing, please contact our Interior Designers at Tomassini Arredamenti or visit our showroom. Our team of experts will be happy to help you find the most suitable sofa for your living room.

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