Flexform Outdoor Furniture

Flexform's outdoor products embody the elegance of Italian luxury design, celebrating exemplary craftsmanship and a heritage of excellence. Their resistance to weather events is comparable to their beauty, ensuring unparalleled durability. Whether chairs, armchairs, sofas, or sun loungers, each piece exudes refined aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail, offering an outdoor experience like no other. Conceived in Italy with high-quality materials and unparalleled craftsmanship, Flexform's garden products have enabled the Lombard brand to position itself as one of the top players worldwide in high-end outdoor furniture.

Flexform Outdoor Collection

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Flexform Outdoor Furniture - Discover More!

Designer Furniture for Outdoor Spaces by Flexform

Flexform, a "Made in Brianza" brand that has always distinguished itself as an icon of luxury furniture, is renowned for its extraordinary uniqueness in the field of design and for the high quality of its products. Its reputation stems from decades of experience in the production of furniture and furnishings that have no rivals on the market. In addition to the wide range of Flexform products, including sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, coffee tables, and loungers, there is the Flexform outdoor collection: this line, which combines style and durability, offers luxury enthusiasts the opportunity to transform the outdoor spaces of their home into an oasis of exclusive design, where they can relax and spend unforgettable moments.

Flexform's outdoor collection has been created in collaboration with renowned international designers, such as Antonio Citterio, Roberto Lazzeroni, or Patrick Norguet. From the genius of these artists, some of the maison's most iconic outdoor tables are born, such as the Academy Outdoor Table, the Boma Outdoor Table inspired by the world of sailing, and the Kobo Outdoor Table, a solid iroko wood garden table (a noble material that enhances simple design), essential and robust, inspired by furnishings reminiscent of traditional African craftsmanship.

Outdoor life, as we know, is all the more appreciated when immersed in beautiful sunny days. That's why, with the approach of the warmer season, Flexform has also thought about those who love to relax in their garden, lying in the sun, perhaps sipping a good wine; hence, an accurate selection of outdoor loungers is born, among which stand out for their design and beauty the Atlante Outdoor Sunbed, the Hora Sexta Daybed, and the Echoes Outdoor Chaise Longue, the latter designed by Christophe Pillet, and is an outdoor seat characterized by a clear material contrast: the structure is in stainless steel, while the seat and backrest stand out for the fine weave in matte polypropylene cord.

Flexform Outdoor Sofas

In Flexform's outdoor collection, outdoor sofas undoubtedly play a central role. Among them, we can mention the Grandemare Outdoor Sofa, a refined and elegant solution for furnishing outdoor spaces such as terraces and verandas, as well as the Atlante Outdoor Sofa, through which the name "Atlante," evocative of the Titan who bore the universe on his shoulders, finds new life in Flexform's outdoor furniture system. Last but not least, there is the Hamptons Outdoor Sofa, where the choice of using solid wood lends timeless charm to the sofa, while simultaneously imparting a feeling of warmth and authenticity to the surrounding environment.

Flexform Outdoor Chairs & Armchairs

In Flexform's outdoor collection, there are not only sofas, tables, and loungers but also a predominant role is occupied by outdoor chairs and outdoor armchairs. The Crono Outdoor Small Armchair designed by Antonio Citterio represents a harmonious blend of tightly woven rope and the warm materiality of solid wood, while the Ortigia Outdoor Armchair evokes a classic bourgeois elegance reinterpreted in a contemporary key. Lastly, the Thomas Outdoor Armchair represents an undisputed best-seller of the collection, thanks to its innate elegance and extraordinary versatility.

Discussing outdoor chairs, one of the most iconic is the Echoes Outdoor Chair, with its eclectic and sophisticated design.

Flexform Outdoor Furniture prices

Flexform is committed to providing customized solutions to meet every need, including the most complex ones. The price of a Flexform outdoor sofa can vary depending on the model, configuration, and chosen upholstery, starting from around € 8,500 and exceeding € 15,000. If you need further information regarding prices and available configurations, we invite you to contact our team of Interior Designers or visit our exclusive showroom: our highly qualified staff will be glad to guide you towards the choice that best suits your needs.

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