Edra Outdoor Furniture

Edra, founded in Tuscany in 1987, is universally recognized for the excellence of its creations, a perfect synergy between artistic heritage and technological innovation. Although its outdoor collection may seem modest, with only two lines, it stands out for its unparalleled quality. Each piece embodies a masterful combination of artisanal savoir-faire and the use of fine materials, bringing extraordinary elegance to outdoor spaces.

Edra Outdoor Collection

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Edra's Outdoor Furniture is an Ode to the Sea

The outdoor collections from Edra, A’mare and Veronica, both designed by Jacopo Foggini, embody a design philosophy that celebrates the sea's beauty and nature's grandeur. A’mare, with its name suggesting a love for water and the idea of turning the liquid element into precious furniture pieces, offers items that create welcoming, relaxing, and comfortable landscapes. Each piece, from chairs to loungers, stands out for its aesthetic purity and versatility, seamlessly fitting both outdoor and indoor spaces. Veronica, on the other hand, draws inspiration from the sea's light and reflections to craft spaces that brighten living environments, making every moment distinctively memorable. Together, these collections turn any outdoor area into a tranquil haven where nature and design are in harmonious dialogue.

A'mare Outdoor Collection by Edra

The A’mare concept is rooted in a deep appreciation for the aquatic element and the ambition to transform water into valuable furniture pieces. Through enchanting light effects and magical b, the sea and water serve as the primary storytellers of spaces, imbuing them with a welcoming, serene, and comfortable atmosphere. A’mare embodies Edra's philosophy of universal adaptability and design longevity; its pristine aesthetic makes the collection a perfect fit for both outdoor and indoor settings, including chairs, armchairs, benches, loungers, small tables, and tables. Each piece, meticulously handcrafted from polycarbonate slats, deliberately features uneven sections to achieve visually consistent yet uniquely tactile surfaces. These slats are joined together in a simple yet effective manner using specific screws, showcasing an exceptional attention to artisanal detail.

When it comes to outdoor chairs, the A’mare Outdoor Chair, with its polycarbonate slats, encapsulates the fluidity and reflections of the sea within a solid structure. The A'mare Outdoor Chair is perfect for pairing with tables from the same collection, creating a unique and sophisticated outdoor living area. If outdoor armchairs are preferred, the A’mare Outdoor Armchair stands out as a furniture piece with a fluid and shimmering design, reminiscent of water's surface. For outdoor accessories, the A’mare Outdoor Bench also joins the collection, matching perfectly with the outdoor tables from the same line to craft a distinct outdoor lounge area; among these, we find the A’mare Outdoor Table, available both with rectangular and circular tops. If you love spending summer days lounging with friends on comfortable outdoor loungers, the A’mare Outdoor Sunbed, with its lively and minimal lines, could be just what you’re looking for.

Veronica Outdoor Collection by Edra

The Veronica outdoor collection by Edra embodies ethereal elegance and sophisticated craftsmanship, offering a range of furniture that plays with light and textures in a sublime manner. This series is marked by its transparency and delicate hues, capturing the essence of the softest and most gentle colors, almost ethereal, evoking the purity and freshness of natural green glass. Each piece, masterfully crafted from polycarbonate through meticulous handwork, reflects artistic and conceptual uniqueness.

The collection features two essential design pieces, including the Veronica Armchair, a low armchair that encapsulates the essence of simplicity and elegance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings due to the durability of its materials, which make it weather-resistant. Then there’s the Veronica Low Table, available in three distinct versions: one with an irregular shape supported by three legs, a square table, and a large rectangular table. These pieces of furniture are not just functional; they are true design statements that celebrate the blend of innovation, nature, and beauty, transforming every outdoor space into an area of unparalleled charm and comfort.

Edra Outdoor Furniture prices

To find the perfect solution tailored to your needs, we encourage you to get in touch with our team of Interior Designers directly. Edra's outdoor products come with a variety of configuration options, and prices vary based on the selected model, starting from approximately € 3,000 for a table to over € 11,000 for a bench. Additionally, we invite you to visit our exclusive showroom, where our highly skilled staff will be delighted to guide you in making the selection that best meets your needs.

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