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The Poliform kitchen represents the excellence of Made in Italy in the sector. The brand is known worldwide for its ability to combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with advanced technologies, creating innovative and elegant kitchen spaces.

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Poliform Kitchens - The best brands

Each Poliform kitchen is made with artisan care and attention to detail to ensure the highest quality and is designed to last over time, offering an elegant and functional furnishing solution. Poliform's philosophy is based on the idea of creating kitchen spaces integrated with other areas of the house. Thanks to the exclusive materials and finishes used, the Poliform kitchen is no longer a separate space from the rest of the house but becomes an integral part of the living area.

Exploring the stylish sophistication: the Poliform kitchen catalogue showcases captivating designs

Poliform kitchens are able to meet the needs of every customer, thanks to the wide range of models and finishes available. The Italian company offers modern and minimalist kitchens, as well as more classic and traditional solutions, to meet every style and space requirement.

One of the most representative kitchens of the Poliform kitchen catalogue is the Poliform Twelve kitchen, which represents the result of extremely accurate research to achieve essentiality. It is characterized by a rigorous aesthetic, where the balanced combination of minimal thicknesses and maximum surface area generates a harmonious visual effect.

The Poliform Alea kitchen is another model that stands out for its groove opening and maximum versatility in the choice of finishes, features that make it unique for compositional and customization possibilities. Thanks to its linear design, consisting of flat surfaces and geometric volumes, the Alea kitchen is able to redefine the kitchen space, combining high operating capacity with a minimal and refined aesthetic.

Alea Pro is the restyling of the consolidated Alea model, characterized by a more marked expressiveness. The door has been redesigned with a tapered upper edge and handle profile matched to the shape, and the spaced side for a lighter look. The glass doors create plays of transparencies that give rhythm to the composition.

Among the brand's proposals, we also find Phoenix, an innovative kitchen that offers design freedom thanks to the particular groove opening design. This technical detail transforms the handle into an aesthetic detail, giving a light and contemporary style to the composition. Phoenix is highly appreciated by designers for its flexibility and numerous possibilities for customization of the design and finishes.

The Poliform kitchen catalogue also includes the Poliform Artex kitchen is designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering innovative storage solutions and integrated appliances to optimize efficiency and create a seamless cooking experience.

Elevate your culinary experience with the Poliform Italian kitchen

Poliform, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design, presents the epitome of luxury in the realm of kitchen aesthetics with their Poliform Varenna Kitchen collection. From sleek modern styles to timeless classics, Poliform kitchen design exudes elegance and sophistication. The Poliform Italian kitchen showcases exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design, creating elegant and functional spaces for culinary inspiration and embodies the perfect fusion of functionality and beauty, incorporating high-end materials and cutting-edge technology to elevate the cooking experience. Whether seeking a minimalist or a more ornate design, the Poliform Italian kitchen exudes a sense of refinement that transforms the heart of the home into a captivating space where culinary dreams come true..

Unlocking value and elegance: understanding the factors behind Poliform kitchen price

When considering a Poliform kitchen, it is essential to understand the factors that influence the Poliform kitchen price such as the size, design complexity, chosen materials, and customization options. While Poliform kitchens are known for their exceptional vaue, it's worth noting that they can be an investment. By exploring different options and discussing your requirements with Tomassini Arredamenti team of experts, you can gain a better understanding of the Poliform kitchen cost and find a solution that meets your needs while showcasing the renowned elegance and quality associated with Poliform kitchens. Tomassini Arredamenti is an authorized Poliform retailer and is currently having a Poliform Kitchen sale, offering discounted prices on their range of exquisite kitchen designs.

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