Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture

Gervasoni, a company deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship tradition, was founded in 1882 as "La Premiata Società Friulana per l'Industria del Vimini" in the historic city of Udine. Renowned for its innovative and contemporary approach to furniture design, Gervasoni bridges creative exploration and the exclusive use of both natural and industrial materials with centuries-old artisanal techniques. This synergy, coupled with a passion passed down for over 140 years, has crafted a distinctive style, recognized and esteemed globally. The quality and excellence of Gervasoni also extend to its exclusive outdoor collection, celebrated for the high value and quality of its pieces.

Gervasoni Outdoor Collection

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Outdoor Products by Gervasoni

Gervasoni's outdoor collections embody the essence of quality and luxury, designed to extend the elegance and comfort of the indoors to the outdoor setting. Each piece is the result of a meticulous selection of materials that are resistant to water and sunlight, ensuring they retain their impeccable shape and beauty over time. The brand's outdoor offerings include inviting seating wrapped in covers that immediately evoke comfort, with light and essential structures that cradle soft cushions, promising an oasis of relaxation in the open air. Gervasoni products, true masterpieces of design, offer the ability to instantly transform their appearance, thanks to their easily interchangeable covers that perfectly match the personality and style of the selector. Sophistication blends with simplicity in every element, making Gervasoni's outdoor collection a tribute to understated luxury and elegance.

Gervasoni Outdoor Sofas

Discussing outdoor sofas, from the collaboration between the Gervasoni brand and designer Paola Navone, emerge the Ghost Out 12 Outdoor Sofa and the Ghost Out 16 Outdoor Sofa, two modern and elegant outdoor sofas that easily adapt to any type of environment, ensuring comfort for anyone who sits on them. Noteworthy is the InOut 703 Outdoor Sofa, ideal for those seeking technical quality, sophisticated design, and durability to create a welcoming and enchanting outdoor space. The Jeko 04 Outdoor Sofa, like the entire Jeko collection, conveys an exotic appeal, transporting the user to a world of unique and elegant atmospheres. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the iconic Panda 02 Outdoor Sofa, which represents the embodiment of comfort and beauty in the outdoor furniture world.

Regarding outdoor armchairs, among the foremost we can list the Panda 05 Outdoor Armchair, the Jeko 05 Outdoor Armchair, and the InOut 701 Outdoor Armchair, three examples where Gervasoni has demonstrated how an extraordinary fusion of talent and artisanal skill can bring to life contemporary and comfortable armchairs. Last but not least is the Brise Outdoor Chair.

Gervasoni Outdoor Tables

Moving on to Gervasoni's outdoor tables, among the most iconic we find the Brise Outdoor Coffee Table and the Brise Outdoor Table by Federica Biasi, which evoke Art Nouveau, the floral, liberty style with ornamental lines inspired by nature; the InOut 34 Outdoor Table features a steel frame with a slatted teak top and ceramic feet available in blue or white. Finally, the Kasane Outdoor Table is also intriguing, playing with the idea of overlapping and intersecting different elements, thus creating sculptures with soft and sinuous shapes. Especially in the warmer seasons, outdoor loungers become essential for fully enjoying the sun: for this reason, Gervasoni includes in its outdoor collection the InOut 884 Outdoor Sunbed and the InOut 859 Outdoor Daybed.

Gervasoni Outdoor Furniture prices

We invite you to explore the wide range of outdoor furnishing solutions offered by Gervasoni, which cater to various tastes and requirements. The costs of Gervasoni outdoor products vary depending on the model and finishes selected: prices for an outdoor sofa can start from approximately € 2,100, reaching up to over € 9,000. Meet our Interior Designers in person at our exclusive showroom: our team of highly qualified professionals will be delighted to guide you towards the choice that best suits your needs, ensuring personalized advice and an unforgettable experience.

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