Poltrona Frau Outdoor Furniture

"Boundless Living" is the key concept inspiring Poltrona Frau's outdoor collection. These creations, designed to transform outdoor spaces into true living environments, blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, offering unparalleled design solutions. The collections are a perfect fusion of innovation, craftsmanship, and savoir vivre, encapsulating the spirit of Made in Italy. From gardens to panoramic terraces, each piece is conceived to provide timeless elegance and comfort, adapting with versatility to any context.

Poltrona Frau Outdoor Collection

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Boundless Living: outdoor furniture by Poltrona Frau

Living without boundaries means embracing a new concept of outdoor spaces, where the boundary between indoor and outdoor dissolves harmoniously. Poltrona Frau stands out for its versatile and sophisticated offering of outdoor furniture, capable of transforming any environment into an oasis of comfort and style rarely reproduced by other brands. From elegant living areas to cozy dining zones, to relaxing corners in the garden or by the pool, each piece of the collection is designed to naturally adapt to every outdoor context. Atmosphere-enhancing lamps add a touch of warmth to the scene, while a wide range of accessories and upholstery fabrics allow for limitless customization. With Poltrona Frau, living without boundaries becomes an experience of luxury and sophistication, whether in residential settings, contract spaces, or nautical environments.

The Outdoor World of Poltrona Frau

In Poltrona Frau's outdoor collection, outdoor tables play a fundamental role, embodying the elegance and distinctive prestige typical of the Marche brand. The Bob Bistrot Table, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, features a simple design with clean lines, becoming a versatile piece of furniture, while The Secret Garden Outdoor Low Tables by Roberto Lazzeroni boast a teak wood structure with a natural finish, adorned with a hand-finished glazed grès top. The Secret Garden Outdoor Table is designed for outdoor relaxation and is available in various sizes, while the Souvenir d'Italie Outdoor Low Table designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba is perfect for furnishing lounge areas in gardens, terraces, patios, poolside areas, and nautical decks. Lastly, the Solaria Outdoor Coffee Table is ideal for furnishing various open-air settings with essential practicality.

Among the outdoor loungers, the most iconic is undoubtedly The Secret Garden Outdoor Sunbed, characterized by a light and informal design; the backrest can be reclined in three positions and is made up of a weave of flat ribbons in ecru and taupe colors. Also noteworthy is the Leplì Outdoor Pouf, an outdoor pouf with curved and sculptural lines, featuring a sophisticated weave of polypropylene cords on an aluminum rod structure.

Poltrona Frau also offers a wide selection of outdoor accessories, useful for fully enjoying the splendid outdoor days typical of the beautiful season. The Sherazade Outdoor Basket is useful for adding a touch of color to outdoor spaces and for carefully storing objects and accessories, while the Sparkler Outdoor Lamp designed by Kensaku Oshiro creates a suggestive atmosphere through light sculptures that furnish outdoor spaces of all kinds. Regarding carpets, we can finally mention the Sherazade Outdoor Carpet and the Grand Vizier Outdoor Carpet, as both are an excellent choice for adding comfort and elegance to your outdoor environment.

Poltrona Frau Outdoor Armchairs

Within the vast range of Poltrona Frau's outdoor furnishings, outdoor armchairs undoubtedly play a central role. The Solaria Outdoor Armchair is made unique by the rope weave that forms the backrest and seat, creating transparencies and plays of light. The Secret Garden Outdoor Armchair and The Secret Garden Outdoor Small Armchair are two essential elements in any garden, providing comfortable and fashionable seating characterized by soft and sinuous lines.

Last but certainly not least, outdoor sofas also play a fundamental role in the Marche brand's outdoor collection: the Solaria Outdoor Sofa, thanks to its modular nature, allows for multiple configurations, adapting to every outdoor space; the Souvenir d'Italie Outdoor Sofa is characterized by lightness and informal comfort, while The Secret Garden Outdoor Sofa is an optimal solution for spending hours outdoors, sitting on a true work of art.

Poltrona Frau Garden Furniture Price

Are you looking for the right solution for you? Contact our Interior Designers directly! There are several customization options available for Poltrona Frau outdoor products, with prices for an outdoor sofa varying considerably depending on the model and finishes selected, starting from approximately € 6,000 up to over € 10,000. Furthermore, we invite you to visit our exclusive showroom, where our expert staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable option for your needs. Poltrona Frau offers a wide range of products and configurations, ensuring maximum flexibility and customer satisfaction.

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