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The history of the Cassina Sofa is a journey through the history of design, where past, present, and future come together to create timeless works of art. The collection boasts an incredibly vast range of sofas, spanning from masterpieces of the 1950s to bestselling designs of the 1970s, all the way to contemporary solutions.

Cassina Couches & Sofas

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The Cassina sofa has a great reputation for their sophisticated design and use of high-quality materials. Each sofa is upholstered in the finest leather and fabrics, capable of furnishing the most refined living rooms and spaces with an authentic, timeless character.

Cassina Designers Sofas: Styles & Collections

Among the great icons is the Maralunga sofa designed by Vico Magistretti. Introduced in 1974, it was the first sofa to feature a reclining backrest system. This innovation made the Maralunga a design cult object, and even today it is highly appreciated for its elegance and functionality.

Iconic Cassina Sofas

Another great design classic is the 2 Fauteuil Grand Confort sofa by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand. This sofa was born from the reinterpretation of the famous armchair, designed in 1929 for the Salon d'Automne in Paris, one of the first examples of modern design. The 2 Fauteuil Grand Confort sofa is characterized by a chrome-plated tubular steel structure and a seat and backrest in natural leather.

But Le Corbusier's contribution to the sofas collection goes far beyond the 2 Fauteuil Grand Confort. His influence on the Italian company led to the creation of a series of projects that are now considered authentic masterpieces of design. Among these is the Capitol Complex sofa, designed by Pierre Jeanneret as a tribute to Le Corbusier's work in the government complex of Chandigarh, India. The distinctive feature of this sofa is the iconic "V" shaped wooden structure, turned upside down.

Cassina Leather Sofas

Another sofa highly appreciated by experts of design furniture sector is the Sengu sofa, designed by Patricia Urquiola. This sofa, inspired by Japanese design, is characterized by its open forms and its structure composed of interwoven wooden panels that create a very suggestive three-dimensional effect.

We cannot fail to mention the Soriana sofa, a true embodiment of modern elegance that features a unique curved shape with plush cushions, providing exceptional comfort and style and the Aspen sofa which showcases a harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics and luxurious comfort.

All these sofas, together with others in the collection, embody the audacity, passion, and curiosity that have always characterized the brand. These products are symbols of design excellence and formal sensitivity, capable of creating a unique and sophisticated atmosphere in any contest.

Cassina Sofas price

Through the price catalog we are able to show you details about various sofa models, their dimensions, upholstery options, and any additional features or customizations available. Cassina Sofas are renowned for their premium quality, attention to detail, and timeless appeal, which can be reflected in their pricing.

For accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to consult our team of experts as authorized retailers: we can provide you with the most accurate and current sofa price catalog. However, the price of these sofas vary according to the size, model and upholstery chosen and range from € 5,000 to over € 16,000. For details on pricing, please contact our Interior Designers or visit our showroom.

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