B&B Italia New Arrivals

B&B Italia at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2024

At the 2024 edition of the Milan Salone del Mobile, B&B Italia has unveiled its latest creations featuring innovative and iconic designs.

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B&B Italia New Arrivals - Salone del Mobile 2024

B&B Italia New Arrivals - The best brands

New B&B Italia collection at Milan Design Week

Participating in the Milan Design Week is, as we know, crucial for any respectable luxury furniture brand, being the primary catalyst for trends and new products in the design sector. In the 2024 edition, B&B Italia confirms its role as a leader in Italian and international design, introducing innovations that masterfully balance heritage and modernity. The new collections and range extensions, in fact, reveal a continuous dialogue between tradition and contemporary design, consolidating the company's reputation on a global stage of enormous prestige.

Among the most interesting innovations presented by B&B Italia during Milan Design Week 2024, we undoubtedly find the Dambodue sofa, conceived by the famous designer Piero Lissoni with the aim of expanding the beloved Dambo line, which already includes the iconic Dambo sofa. The Dambodue sofa presents itself as the elder brother of the latter, being a compact yet imposing seat, with an almost architectural aesthetic and a strong yet silent presence, which invites reflection and tranquility. This Sofa wins over with its elegance and modernity, proving equally suitable for the most classic spaces as for the most contemporary styles.

The Narinari armchair is the result of continuous work driven by attention to detail and conceptual inspiration, conducted by the Venetian designer duo Tiziano Guardini and Luigi Ciuffreda; the inspiration for creating this piece of design comes from the sea eagle: an animal capable of both swimming and flying, a splendid creature that can thus choose its natural element. The Narinari armchair recalls its sinuous forms and the sense of freedom of movement. The Omoi armchair designed by Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italia refers to the Japanese term "omoi," which indicates the deepest thoughts of the human soul: it is an armchair designed for indulging in sincere and intimate conversations, and is perfect for placement in dining rooms, living areas, or even entrances. Also interesting is the new Flair O' Maxi small armchair designed by Monica Armani and inspired by the style icon Jacqueline Kennedy, known as Jackie O'; this collection also includes pieces already popular among industry enthusiasts, such as the Flair O' Couture chair, the Allure O' Dot coffee table, and the Flair O' outdoor chair.

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B&B Italia has also included among the 2024 novelties a coffee table and two tables, emphasizing how very often these are the focal points of the home environment, being elements that are not only used for eating, but also for gathering and discussing pleasantly. The Assiale table comes from an engineering-architectural vision: Piero Lissoni confesses to have found inspiration from the bridge that appears in the opening scenes of the famous movie "The Blues Brothers," during the protagonists' escape. Just like a bridge, Assiale remains as if suspended between its two support legs, alternating solidity and robustness with elegance and airiness. The Isos table is characterized by a rather particular structure, in which the legs, although being the supporting columns, have the peculiarity of being cut at 35° at the point of contact with the top, reminiscent of the tip of a delicate pencil. Finally, the Allure O' Dot coffee table was also presented, born from the simple superimposition of two shapes, a cone and a rectangle, which thanks to its simplicity easily adapts to any environment.

The new products offered by B&B Italia stand out for their innovative and modern design, which manages to create a subtle balance between comfort and style, and are all examples of how the company continues to push towards new horizons and to propose increasingly sophisticated solutions for home furnishing, meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding public.

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